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Notability is the app of the week that can be downloaded for free for iPad and iPhone


Notability available free for a limited period.

Each week, as you know, an app or game is chosen from the App Store which is referred to as the App of the Week. Thanks to this initiative, anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad can download the app in question for free for a short period.

Awarded and presented as the app of the week, notabilityfor a few days from today it will be available for free on iPad and iPhone.

Notability features:

Welcome to Notability, the powerful annotation app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch: perfect for sketching ideas, adding notes to documents, signing contracts, completing worksheets, keeping a diary, recording a conference or giving a lecture. Thanks to iCloud support, your notes will follow you everywhere.

Write, draw and annotate with beautiful ink. The Notability zoom window helps you to trace any detail clearly and quickly, while the palm rest protects your notes from any involuntary strokes. Choose the type of pen and paper you prefer for each project.

Import forms, contracts, spreadsheets, documents, presentations and even books, then annotate PDFs using the same Notability tools that help you create beautiful notes. Do you have files in other formats, such as doc or ppt? Notability can import them thanks to Google Drive.

Write, create a structure, fill in a form or make a list: with the advanced text processing functions of Notability, very easy. Enrich your work by choosing fonts, styles, colors and sizes. You can even place the text exactly where you want it thanks to the text boxes.

Listen to your notes again! Everything you type, write or add to the note connected to the audio recording, so you will have even more context to review your notes. Tap the play button and you will see your note expand. Do you want to go to a certain point in the registration? Touch a word in the navigation tool and you will get there instantly.

Being able to quickly track down the information you need is important. Use the search to find a note by title or content right away. On iPad you can mark the pages of a note as favorites, filter the pages of a PDF to view only those with annotations or search for a keyword within the note in the page navigator.

Organize your notes in the library by topic and automatically backup all your work on Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or webDAV. These services, together with Twitter, AirDrop and e-mails, can also be used to share Notability files with colleagues, classmates, students or teachers. If you use iCloud, all your notes will automatically update on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Notability brings your ideas to life, archives your notes and helps you remember everything and organize yourself better. We really like to use it: we hope you like it too.

LINK download here

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