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Norton warns: "Smart devices in the home open the door for hackers"

According to recent Norton research, our homes' smart devices open the door for hackers. Almost one in five Italians (19%) have smart devices in their homes, which are appreciated by 94% of users for the way they make life easier. However, the advantages offered by thermostats, TVs, game consoles and monitoring systems for children connected to the Internet are often not accompanied by security measures, but on the contrary by an excess of trust in the devices themselves which makes user privacy vulnerable .

C concern

According to what emerged from the survey, carried out on about 21,000 consumers worldwide, users have begun to realize that every new connected device opens the way for potential hacker attacks on their homes. Two thirds (62%) believe that the growing popularity of connected home devices makes homes an increasingly frequent target of hackers, while more than a third (38%) believe that there is more chance that someone will be able to illegally access connected devices rather than in the physical home. Even 67% believe that connected home devices provide hackers with new possibilities to steal personal information

But instead of protecting ourselves from the security risks generated by smart homes, we are making it easier for hackers to leave vulnerabilities in devices and avoid taking security measures when setting them up at home. One in seven user among those who have connected devices at home does not use security measures for his devices while one in six admits that his Wi-Fi network is not password protected.

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In numbers

Almost a quarter of users do not change the preset password when setting up the Wi-Fi network and just under half (47%) of respondents admit that they cannot safely configure the Wi-Fi network or router. Over half (58%) of the users surveyed do not believe they have enough connected devices to constitute a potential target for hackers; two thirds of users (67%) believe that connected home devices are already set up for online security. As for our country, almost 8 out of 10 Italians (77%) admit that they are unable to update the router's firmware.

Symantec researchers, however, have identified in 50 different devices – from thermostats to hubs – vulnerabilities that can make the target devices easy for an attack.

norton smart devices

Norton's advice

To prevent or at least reduce risks, the company recommends that you first inquire about the reputation, functionality and safety of a smart device before purchasing. It is also important to set and / or change the default access data and password of the router and all devices connected to the home network. In particular, always use unique and complex passwords for the router, smart devices and Wi-Fi network.

When configuring access to the Wi-Fi network, you must always choose an effective encryption method (WPA) and consider the possibility of disabling features and services that are not used or not required. Change the default settings for privacy and security of the smart devices according to your needs another point to keep in mind to increase security in the home, taking into consideration the possibility of turning off or disabling smart devices and the home network when not in use.

Then you must always examine the settings related to voice activated functions and commands to counter possible privacy risks or change these settings as needed, disabling the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) functionality on the routers if not absolutely necessary. Where possible, you should prefer cable connection over Wi-Fi and above all visit the manufacturers' websites regularly to download updates and patches for the software.

It is no less important to pay attention when sharing sensitive data, such as your Wi-Fi password, with other people, considering the possibility of setting up a separate network for use by guests.Even though trivial it is important not to use your name when assigning the name of a device or Wi-Fi network.

norton smart devices