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Nintendo DS emulator for iPhone, iPod and iPad with iOS 7: here is NDS4iOS


How to install an emulator and Nintendo DS games on any iPhone with iOS 7. Nintendo DS games emulator for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Play Nintendo DS games on iPhone

Only yesterday we presented you with a PSP emulator for iPhone, iPod and iPad | PSP emulator on iPhone, iPod and iPad: here's how to use PSP games on iDevice. Today we return to talk about emulators for your Apple devices, but we offer you an excellent one Nintendo DS emulator for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Today's program is calledNDS4iOS and allows you to play the best Nintendo DS games on your Apple devices.

The main difference between NDS4iOS and the emulator that we presented yesterday, however, lies in the fact that NDS4iOS does not require jailbreak to work and therefore you can start it on any device, even those without jailbreak.

If you are a longtime Nintendo fan and would like to play the main Nintendo DS games on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, from today you can do it in an easy, fast, immediate and above all free way. Thanks to a new emulator that is free and does not require jailbreak. Its name NDS4iOS is compatible with iOS 7 and earlier. Let's see how it works and how u canwould be Nintendo DS games on iPhone, iPod and iPad with NDS4iOS.

As we said,NDS4iOS a Nintendo DS emulatorfor Apple smartphones and tablets. As anticipated, compared to other similar programs, NDS4iOS compatible with jailbroken devices but also with original Apple devices. If all this were not enough, then, know that NDS4iOS supports synchronization with Dropbox and MFi accessories (Made for iPhone). The software also allows you to use games horizontally or vertically and to change some settings to obtain an optimal gaming experience. In short, NDS4iOS is a very complete emulator of Nintendo DS games for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

At this point let's see how to do it download and install NDS4iOS on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

If you have an iPhone WITHOUT jailbreak

If you are interested and don't have a jailbroken iPhone, you can download NDS4iOS fromThis Page. However, for the installation to be successful, it will be necessary to manually change the device date (from Settings> General> Date and time) and set the date of February 8, 2014 after starting the installation of the emulator.

If you have an iPhone WITH jailbreak

If you have an Apple jailbroken device instead, just visit this same page directly from your iPhone, iPod or iPade then clickHEREto download the emulator .deb file.

At this point, you will have to save the file and open it in iFile (a free file manager on Cydia, to download if you don't have it); then choose the item Open in and select iFile. Once the file is saved, by clicking on it in iFile, you can proceed with the installation by pressing on the item Install.

The installation will be completed after a few seconds. You are now ready to enjoy Nintendo DS games on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Have fun!

IMPORTANT: in both cases, to load NDS games on iPhone, iPod and iPad, you will need to use iFunBox (for Windows and Mac) and copy the games to the following folder: var / mobile / Documents /. Without this procedure the games will not be read and consequently you will not be able to play.

Let us know what you think of this Nintendo DS emulator for your iPhone!

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