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New performance for Connectix VirtualPC

New performance for Connectix VirtualPC – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A substantial download of about 10 MB, takes charge of intervening on a very long series of sectors of the emulator, starting from better performances to achieve improvements in networking. In particular, the version of VPC for Mac OS X takes advantage of significant performances, especially in the condition where there are other applications in the background. To enjoy all these improvements it is necessary to make use of the new VPC Additions as well.

The list of changes is really very long, and we invite users to carefully read the documents attached to the updater (one of which is called "VPC vital information, for the occasion), before carrying out risky operations. On the appropriate web page to support the product, prepared by Connectix, you can read this and other information about it, while the entire update is downloaded by clicking here.

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