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Netgear Arlo Pro, the surveillance camera that does not fear dark, water and wires

Netgear also makes available on the Italian market Arlo Pro (VMS4X30) wireless security camera that offers an advanced and flexible surveillance system for the home. Equipped with a rechargeable battery and two-way audio, Arlo Pro presented by the manufacturer as the first and only wireless waterproof video camera with a viewing angle of 130.

The compact, elegant and, as anticipated, totally wireless design (it does not need cables to be powered). Arlo Pro can be positioned anywhere, inside or outside the house – from the front porch, to the child's room, to the courtyard. The device is weatherproof and allows you to monitor from any other device.

The two-way talk function allows you to listen to what's going on inside and outside your home – talking to children and pets or shouting at intruders and thieves. Instant movement alerts and "smart" sirens are integrated. Various improvements over the previous model that we have tried here, in multiple areas – video, night vision and activity detection – as well as new software features that improve management through the app.

The rechargeable battery, defined as "long-lasting" by the manufacturer, lithium-ion and can be charged while in use or via the optional "dual-bay Arlo Pro" Charging Station. If a power outlet is nearby, you can continuously power Arlo Pro with the included adapter.

RGB-IR vision technology provides Netgear according to an optimal night vision at high resolution even in conditions of total darkness, uniformly illuminating the monitored area and allowing to obtain details and sharp images. The video camera is equipped with a passive infrared motion sensor with angle 130 and can detect movement up to 7 meters away: instant alerts can be received whenever movement is detected.

With regard to the companion app, improvements have been made to various aspects: with the Smart Arm / Disarm function it is now possible to have the cameras activated or deactivated automatically according to the user's position needs. The Arlo application also accessible from Apple TV: just download the specific app to receive notifications and view Arlo cameras directly from Apple's set-top-box. The camera can be connected to other "smart" home devices using platforms such as IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings.

The manufacturer anticipates that a feature called "Smart Motion Recognition" is coming soon. We will use advanced machine learning algorithms in Arlo cloud by improving the way the camera captures and reports events. The device will be able to recognize and identify people, cars, animals and trees that sway – allowing you to record only the most relevant events. The ability to distinguish between people, pets and other objects, to ignore irrelevant movements and objects and, therefore, to eliminate unnecessary alarms, make the system even more "intelligent".

New Arlo Pro features have been added not only to discourage crime, but also to help prevent theft. In addition to the two-way audio function, Arlo Pro includes a siren with a maximum volume of over 100 decibels integrated in the base station. To warn or scare an intruder, the siren can be quickly activated remotely thanks to the app or set to automatically trigger it when movement or noise is detected.

Prices vary according to the chosen system (the number of HD cameras). The basic system with a camera proposed by some vendors for 357.96 euros. On Amazon, prices start at 311 Euros and go up to 989 Euros for the system with 4 cameras. It is also possible to combine the router of the previous version with the new cameras and the new router with the old cameras. The single camera of the new type for sale at 271 Euros while the old model for sale at 138 Euros (Amazon discounted prices). It is therefore possible to configure a mixed system according to your internal and external surveillance needs. More details can obviously be found on the manufacturer's website.

Free video recording in the cloud for 7 days and up to 1 GB of space available. Up to 5 Arlo cameras can be connected without subscribing to any monthly subscription. Service plans on optional subscriptions are also available for systems consisting of more than five cameras or where more cloud space is needed.

Arlo Pro available in kits of 1, 2, 3 or 4 cameras with base station (VMS4X30). you can also expand your system at any time by purchasing the single camera.