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Nest products arrive in Italy today and are updated with artificial intelligence

NEST products ready for the Italian market are available for sale today on Amazon, E-Price, Google Play and on the shelves of Mediaworld with the software in our language, the instructions and the connections suitable for our market.

Nest products, presented in Italy last week (see our complete reportage), have been on sale since February 15th, coinciding with the availability of the software translated into our language and a substantial update also in the accessory services.

The most interesting new features in the new software are automatic recognition of door opening (through cameras) and animated push notifications.

Updates are not available in the basic package but for subscribers to the Aware service which, with the sum of 10 Euros per month or 100 Euros per year, allows you to add extra capacity to the company's devices.

In practice, the cameras, thanks to the updating of the artificial intelligence software, will be able to recognize a door inside the frame and as such check whether it is open or closed. In this way there will be benefits both from the point of view of safety and comfort and a reduction of false alarms.

When you receive an alert from Nest Cam, you will be able to view a preview image that shows what happens at a glance. Nest Aware subscribers using Android 7 or iOS 10 will even be able to watch an animated preview of the Nest Cam video clip, without having to open the application. For users with Android devices, a new feature will also be available: shortcuts for app. Simply hold down the Nest app icon to open the desired Nest product or drag shortcuts to the desktop of your Android device. Either way, you can quickly find what you are looking for without doing too many things.

Finally, the search for important moments in Nest Aware's video history will be further simplified, without the need to scroll too much images. This will allow you to view a specific day in the event history by simply touching the desired date.

The Aware service, we remind you, offers 24/7 surveillance and the possibility of having a 30-day recording; it can be activated or deactivated at will (for example during your holidays) and works through all the indoor and outdoor products of the Nest line.

We remind you of the portfolio of Nest products available for sale in Italy and the related links for purchase on Amazon.

Nest Learning Thermostatthird generation (recommended selling price: 249 VAT included) Nest Cam Indoor (recommended selling price: 199 Euro including VAT) Nest Cam Outdoor (recommended selling price: 199 Euro including VAT) Support for Nest Learning Thermostat (selling price recommended: 35 Euro including VAT)