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Nest in Italy with smart thermostat and two security cameras: the details and the video

It took some time for the arrival in our country but Nest seems willing to bring the philosophy of the few but excellent products inherited from the Apple experience of its founders also in our country starting from the middle of February. As our readers know Nest is born from the work of Tony Fadell, considered the father of iPod and his close collaborator Matt Rogers who left Apple in 2010 gave birth to the first real intelligent or better learning thermostat, Nest Learning Thermostat, in 2011.

The thermostat, thanks to the interface with the rotating bezel, the daughter of the iPod experience, to the screen with a high communicative impact interface, which over the years has become the archetype of the connected house not only in the USA where it was initially marketed but also in Europe despite the fact that it was marketed in successive steps starting from Brittany to then arrive in France in 2014 and in other European countries, including Italy, at the beginning of 2017.

Nest in Italy

In the meantime, the company that grew, joined Google / Alphabet in 2014 and its founder left it for probable character incompatibilities. At the helm of Nest, which has its own management independent of Google and functions as a large research laboratory for the connected home with over 1200 employees, Matt Rogers remained as vice-president now flanked by the new CEO Yoky Matsuoka who had also worked for some time in Apple after dealing with robotics in Google.

The arrival in Italy of a company with consolidated experience and controlled expansion takes place after the analysis of an interesting potential in the field of connected home and with the market study background also deriving from the many users who have adapted the international version of the product: the thermostats that arrive in our country they are the third generation ones, customized and adapted to the needs of our implants, including the adapter for rectangular "503" receptacles and obviously the interface of the most communicative thermostat in the world now in its third generation.

We come then to the products presented yesterday and will arrive in our country initially through three distinct channels: lonline through Amazon and ePrice (which will also curate a combined installation service) and direct retail, on the Mediaworld counters.

The official presentation in Italy on February 7th with a meeting with the specialized press in the suggestive premises of Casa Lago, near the Duomo of Milan, not far from the Piccolo teatro: a space for events of recent inauguration with the elegant and modern furnishings of Lago Interior Design.

To illustrate the three products with which Nest enters the Italian market were the European product managers who took advantage of the English and French experience to focus attention on the details dear to our country and to the rest of the countries where the offer will widen: Austria, Germany and Spain. We present in our gallery the details of the presentation that will help us to know the peculiar characteristics of the devices.

"Nest's hardware, software and services are currently only marketed in seven markets, but are used by millions of people in more than 190 countries," said LionelPaillet, Nest General Manager for Europe. "There is a clear and wide interest in comparing the advantages offered by our products and, thanks to the expansion in Italy, Austria, Germany and Spain, we are doubling our presence in Europe to allow both new customers and the already existing thousands to use the products. Nest in your own language ".

And here below the product in the freestanding version with the dedicated accessory that allows you to place it anywhere in the house. The third generation of the thermostat integrates a 480 × 480 pixel screen at 229 pixels per inch; the device was in any case reduced and now 1.21 ″ thick (about 3cm).

Typically it will be placed in the living room in plain sight since it is also an object with a fascinating design and valuable information. In addition, the sensors on board need to detect your presence at home to activate both the learning phase and the programming phase modulated according to your presence.

In the following video you will find theinterface translated into Italian as it will be available on products on sale from February 15th in our country.

In summaryNest Learning Thermostat third generation (recommended retail price: 249 VAT included) learns the preferred temperature and determines how long it takes to heat the house, to program itself by offering maximum comfort. When you're not at home, Nest automatically turns off to save energy and checks the Nest app to find your home well-heated on your return. If you want to use the services of Google Now Nest able to adapt the ignition times to the delay in traveling the journey to your home in case of traffic jams or slowdowns.

In the global offer of Nest there is also the smoke detector which was not shown at the event and is not among the products available online at the moment: Nest Protect which is proposed at the selling price of 119 VAT included: it detects the presence of rapid combustion fires, smoldering fires and carbon monoxide. It informs the user when he detects a problem with a voice alert and, if not at home, sends an alert on the smartphone. If, on the other hand, the problem derives from a bruschetta dinner, the false alarm can simply be silenced from the smartphone.

Nest also unveiled two Smart Cams Nest Cam Indoor is Nest Cam Outdoor which can also work in combination with the thermostat for the detection of presences in the home but which represent an excellent security and control system for your home. It is an indoor and outdoor model with compact dimensions and minimal design. We present them to you on the next page.