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Navigon: here is the first "real" navigator for iPhone

The first navigation software proper arrives on the App Store: it is MobileNavigator Europe, developed by Navigon, a company specialized in the sector.

Mobile Navigator, promises Navigon, simple and intuitive and perfectly integrated with all iPhone functions. It has precise voice warnings, intelligent entry of addresses, realistic representation of signs, intersections and highway exits, lane assistant Pro, speed assistant, day and night mode for viewing the map, direct access to navigation of addresses entered in iPhone, continuation automatic navigation after a phone call, 3D and 2D visualization, quick access to points of interest, automatic language selection based on iPhone.

The MobileNavigator Europe includes maps of all Europe made on Navteq cartographic material, does not require an Internet connection or a telephone network (as opposed to Google Maps) which is very useful when using iPhone also for navigation on foot abroad, and supports the 'Italian as interface language.

The special cost (valid only until the end of the month) of 74.99 euros, you must have iPhone 3.0 as the operating system and prepare to download almost 1.7 Gb of data.

To purchase click here

To read the impressions of the first Italian users you can read this page of our Forum thanks to which we have set up a photo gallery with screenshots that show you the Italian interface of the application and its real use on Italian and Swiss roads. A series of images on this page, a second on this page.