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Mosquito hunting with iPhone

Summer as pregnancy for a woman: when you are far away you only remember the positive sides, then when it comes here the removed problems re-emerge: the mosquitoes. These small, hateful insects, which do not deserve any pity except for the fact that they belong (undeservedly, according to the writer) and therefore to be their favorite creatures too, emerge to the billions right now in these days with a single mission . Come and prick your reporter or, secondly, other random people. The fight against these malevolent creatures, these micro-vampires with wings often cause family disagreements, such as slips in the face of the partner in the middle of the night trying to catch the small buzzing lookout that is hovering above the thalamus, malignant and thirsty. How to respond? How to react?

The fact that these abomination creatures are also able to develop resistance to any form of deterrent or poisoning. Maybe the first generation dies, but the second or third changes and returns more vigorous than ever, buzzing the night to make you understand that there will now be a counter-offensive. These little devils with the sting are in fact cowardly and also skilled in the psychological guerrilla warnings, signaling with the insistent hum that they are about to strike, and thus trying to win the mind first and then see the body surrender.

There is only one solution for us that seems to have the magical ability to attract mosquitoes, parrots and all other forms of birds with stings: the mythical Bug Spray by Apptomic. The free iPhone application addresses his work of killing mosquitoes with determination and in a bold way, playing on the ability to emit a beam of ultrasound that is harmless to the human ear but killer for the small flutters of these bonsai harpies. As a last resort, the iPhone also becomes a personal defense weapon against the sudden assault during a dinner on the terrace, a walk with ice cream along a disused canal, during a night sweat on the home thalamus.

Warning, Apptomic warns that Bug Spray (free on the App Store) is an application with the sole purpose of providing a form of fun for young and old. But we know they only say it because the mosquitoes do not take it seriously and do not adapt, the cursed bloodthirsty mutants, leaving us this advantage in the fight that for days now has kept your reporter awake all night, with the trusting slipper in one hand and the iPhone buzzing ultrasound in the other. Only one will remain!