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More and more FireWire in the future of computers

More and more FireWire in the future of computers – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A good thermometer for the success of a standard the reception that it obtains from manufacturers that deal with the consumer segment. The diffusion is a system among those who turn to the most popular segment of the IT market means that its demand is now important. Among the standards found in this condition is IEEE 1394, known by Mac users as FireWire and invented by Cupertino: Over the past few months, despite the slowdown in the economy and despite a still somewhat 'arcane' image in the PC world, FireWire has continued its progress and among the news of the last few weeks there is the strong push that it is receiving from the Taiwanese market. From the island of Nationalist China, it is reported that the realities that deal with the production of chipsets are releasing products that directly include support for IEEE 1394. The integration on board of the controller means lower prices and easier for OEMs in the distribution of machines with FireWire connectivity. VIA according to which the demand for IEEE 1394 has made great strides in the last few weeks. During 2001, the company distributed one million VT6306 series chipsets, which offer FireWire support on the market; in the months of January and February it has already exceeded this threshold. In perspective this means that for the producers of low cost clones it will become cheaper and more direct to integrate FireWire ports on the motherboards and therefore also easier to find on the cheap market CPUs that are in can connect IEEE 1394 digital devices.We remind that Apple, for almost three years, has been offering motherboards with FireWire connectivity and that important technological innovations for this sector are looming on the horizon, including an increase in speed at 800 Mbps.

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