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Mega party for the arrival of XBOX in Italy

Mega party for the arrival of XBOX in Italy – logomacitynet1200wide 1

One of the largest and most fashionable clubs in the city was very crowded last night for "The Party" organized by Microsoft Italy for the launch of the long-awaited XBOX. The day after the closing of the fashion shows, the Alcatraz "catwalk" made room for highly admired XBOX bringing many models to the track.Not only, many well-known faces from the world of music and IT have been seen (we also met some top executives of Apple Italy) and the press (in all its forms). All the disco lights were in green shades symbolizing the colors of the XBOX, whose logo stood out in the center of the track in gigantic and projected dimensions from scanners on all the perimeter walls. Various XBOX kiosk stations were scattered everywhere, but the greatest concentration was located in a kind of game-zone, isolated somewhat from the music of the main room and here many fans were intent on trying the console as well as sweating hard, both for the commitment of the game and for the warmth of the room. Needless to say, it was impossible to test the XBOX, the crowd was a lot and pressed. The event in New York City on November 15 last will be It was also another thing, but even in our country MicroSoft has certainly not disfigured.Welcome XBOX in Italy, now the market test awaits you, we hope that it should not happen that the popes Dear customers are put on stand by for a long time waiting for the distribution of the product in quantity in the stores. XBOX should arrive in European stores on March 14 at the price of 480 euros, most of the games will cost around 70 euros. currently, they accept pre-orders at the following URL.

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