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"Mass Sacrifice", Sacrifice's multiplayer

Those interested in games for Macintosh will remember that some time ago we gave the news of the availability of Sacrifice, a very special game that combined, in the splendor of 3D, strategic in real time with elements of role-playing games.

With extreme satisfaction, Mr. Henry Price of MacPlay informs us of the availability of a patch, for this title, which provides multiplayer support (through the GameRanger servers), an option now indispensable to any self-respecting videogame. download from the specific page of the company, which, in any case, warns to supply a non-definitive product, driven by the huge request of waiting users.

In the attached readme, in addition to the list of steps to be taken, to upgrade the game, there are also slight improvements in terms of speed and stability. The patch, which is just over 4 MB in size and can be obtained directly from this link.