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iPhone with 3, will be in the ZeroTop offer

iPhone with 3, will be in the ZeroTop offer – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Information on tariff plans continue to leak in the traditional Twitter channel and all point in the direction already indicated by Macity in recent days. Today's confirmation of an indiscretion published by our site since the past week: the tariff plans will not change (or almost) with the arrival of the Apple mobile phone.

Yes Twitter reads: 'the arrival of a new price list terminal does not revolutionize the current offer. Offers and options are those present now … or almost. As if to say that except for minor adjustments, the well-known 'ZeroTop' rates we mentioned on the night between Sunday and Monday should also be applicable to iPhones. So Zero6 at 29 euros, Zero7 at 49 euros and Zero8 at 79 euros will give access to the iPhone subsidy; similar rates for business are coming (the ZeroPro). Also available the phone with discount for those who buy with rechargeable.

Now there are basically only some doubts about the costs of the iPhone. But some sites, including the specialized Mondo3, claim that they will be very convenient, an impression also confirmed by Macity sources. The Twitter channel refers to a model (probably 8GB) with a 0 euro subscription and a 99 euro rechargeable, obviously with a two-year contract or monthly top-up commitment. According to other sources, also confirmed by Mondo3, the 16 GB model could also be available at zero cost with Zero8Top.

The official list of 3 should be made officially known, except for surprises, by tomorrow.

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