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iPhone with 3, confirmations on plans

Using the traditional Twitter channel, 3 provides a confirmation of the hypotheses circulated in the past few hours, namely that iPhone will be available for purchase in the contract offer with the "Zero" rates.

The message published in the last few minutes reads: 'Blend the fruit: 3G, 3Gs, 8, 16, 32. Choose3, Zero6, Zero7, Zero8, 3Senzascatto, 3 self-reloading'.

Note the diction of 3Autoricarica and 3Senscatto. These are two rechargeable plans, the first provides calls and SMS at 15 cents to everyone, with 6 cents of self-recharge for calls received and 3 cents of self-recharge for Sms, all with a connection charge of 16 cents. 3Senzascatto provides calls to 18 cents towards three without connection fee and national SMS to all at 15 cents each. In both cases, the data have a cost of 0.1 cents per kb (1 euro per MB downloaded). Both rates can be combined with a mobile phone guaranteeing a minimum top-up per month with subsidized cost depending on the amount of top-up guaranteed (from 10 to 30 euros). These rates can be combined with data options such as the Naviga 3 which offers 50 MB per day by paying 9 euros per month or 100 MB per day with 3 euros per week.

Recall that Tre would intend to provide customers who purchase iPhones with 3Autoricarica and 3Senzascatto 3 GB of data per month at no cost until the end of the year.

No mention of terminal prices which, according to some sources, would have cheaper costs than those envisaged by Vodafone and Tim.