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iPhone Use with delayed activation, Apple offers $ 30 to customers

iPhone Use with delayed activation, Apple offers 30 dollars to customers – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple offers $ 30 in vouchers for purchases on the iTunes Store to all Americans who have had problems with activating the iPhone. The news of a sort of 'recognition-refund' for the inconvenience that emerged on some US sites that since Friday afternoon report widespread problems in the 'unbrick' of the phone, the operation by which iPhone connects to iTunes and you receive a sort of electronic 'token' that activates the mobile phone.

As mentioned, the problems began to occur on Friday afternoon when sales opened not only in Europe but also in the United States. By connecting iPhone to iTunes, some users began to receive a message inviting them to wait for the authorization of the phone; in the absence of authorization, iPhone can be used for all functions, except those that depend on the cellular network. The difficulties intensified during Saturday so much so that Apple quantified the time for the activation of the iPhone in as many as 48 hours. Apple was the one who made the cause of the problems known via email: too many iPhones purchased that caused malfunctions in the systems.

The situation is very reminiscent of last year's in July when Apple customers faced very similar issues. The difference lies in the fact that a year ago the launch took place on a greater number of countries and with a product that, at least on paper, should have had greater commercial appeal as evidenced by the queues that also occurred in Europe and that this year they haven't seen each other.

In any case, Apple, as mentioned, has decided to compensate customers who have had activation problems with $ 30 bonus on the iTunes Store. The figure can not be defined as irrelevant but certainly those who in these hours unable to phone using iPhone may not consider it sufficient to compensate for the inconvenience suffered.

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