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iPhone for sale on the Apple Store!

Apple sells the iPhone on the Apple Store!

The exclamation point on this site in a title or article you have found very few times, but in this case it really takes, given the relevance of the fact. The surprise (but not too much) occurred this morning, coinciding with the opening of the marketing of the phone in the shops: all three models on the market, the 8 GB, the 16 Gb and the 32 GB models, are on the store Italian and, moreover, at least the 3G S versions, at a discounted price compared to what they have in the operators' shops.

The 16 GB model costs, in fact, 599 euros, the 32 GB to 699 euros one: 20 euros less than the operators will charge it and, curiously (but also here perhaps not too curiously) at the price that according to our sources it had been communicated by Tim to some large retailers. The 8 Gb model costs 499 euros instead

Macity had reported of a possible landing on the Apple Store of the iPhone a few weeks ago and had given it to its readers. The forecast now comes true by opening a very important additional sales channel alongside the one of the mobile phone operators and the Apple Store in Rome Length.

This operation also accounts for some events in the last few days, including the increase in the price of mobile operators. Obviously Apple wanted to differentiate the offer by leaving its partners the opportunity to play on the discount table with a contract, but taking home the one to collect the preferences of all those who have the will to simply have the hardware. And all this of great relevance especially for a country like ours where telephony lives and thrives with recharges.

Recall that all the phones sold on the Apple Store are free from operator constraints and can be used with any mobile operator.

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Thanks for the report to Oscar Manna