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iPhone 3G S 16 GB, seven days for shipping to the Apple Store

16GB iPhone 3G S went from two to 7 days for shipping. Here is the result of the first weekend with availability on the Apple Store (sponsor) of the iPhone.

The phone in the intermediate version is obviously the most requested and most purchased due to the favorable cost / performance ratio. Italian customers have probably appreciated the possibility of having the new model at 30 euros more than the old one with the same capacity and at 20 euros less than they are forced to pay for it with mobile operators.

Both the 8 GB model (499 euros) and the 32 GB model (699 euros) remain within 2 days for shipping.

Curiously, the iPhone in the United Kingdom, the third country in the world (with Italy and the USA) to sell iPhones online, the 32 GB model to be delivered in 7 days.

Recall that if, as mentioned, the United States and the United Kingdom share the sale of the iPhone on the Apple Store with Italy, our country is the only one in the world to sell iPhones fully unlocked in a nation where there is more than one mobile operator to have signed an agreement with Apple. In Taiwan and Hong Kong, in fact, iPhone sold on the Apple Store and without carrier lock, but there is no agreement with more than one mobile operator.

To start buying on the Apple Store click here. The iPhone is shipped for free.

We also remember that those who do not have an account on the Apple Store can buy iPhones for sale also on the Tim store (sponsor)

Here the 16 GB model, the model from 32 GB can be purchased starting from here for the one from 8 GB starting from here (although at the time of writing the cheapest iPhone is given as unavailable).

Vodafone also sells iPhones online starting from this link.

Both Tim and Vodafone, like Apple, offer free shipping to your phone at home.