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iPhone 3G 16 Gb for 555 euros on Monclick

iPhone 3G 16 Gb at 555 euros on Monclick – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Old iPhone 16 GB for 555 euros. Here is the promotion valid for all subscribers to the Monclick newsletter (sponsor) until midnight tomorrow, Sunday 20 June.

The promotion is interesting because it allows you to get your hands on what is a discontinued product, but which has completely modern features at a discounted price of 10 euros compared to the old price list but also 45 euros compared to the current 16 GB. The 16 Gb iPhone 3G proposed by Monclick (free shipping) has an excellent memory capacity and perfectly capable of operating with the iPhone 3.0 which contains a large number of new features.

Like all Italian iPhones unlocked and usable with any operator. Free shipping.

To obtain the discount, you must place the order and enter the code 'A768-1Z10-0K6E' without quotes at check out to get the 20 euro discount on the Monclick list price.

To order click here.

If you are not subscribed to the Monclick news letter, start here

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