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iPhone 12 & Coronavirus: production returns to normal rhythms

By Giacomo Martiradonna Tuesday 24 March 2020

The health problems introduced by the Coronavirus are starting to create ever deeper ramifications, and could culminate with the procrastination of the launch of the iPhone 12 5G.

March 24, 2020 update Update: On an unexpected note, Foxconn made it known that he had resumed normal activities, and that he had recruited enough manpower to make up for the "seasonal demand" (assuming it still exists, after what we are experiencing). This means that the easing of the Coronavirus squeeze – together with the "strict sanitary measures" implemented in the production plants – are giving Chinese citizens their daily lives back. Net of any new setbacks, in short, iPhone 12 and 5G should arrive smoothly.

iPhone 12: Launch Postponed?

These days, several parallel and connected things are happening. While also in the USA it mounts more and more concern for COVID-19, the Southwest (SXSW), a well-known Austin film festival, is canceled; In the meantime, Tim Cook offered to work from home wherever possible. Finally, reliable sources from Bloomberg reveal that iPhone 12 with 5G is likely to toboggan in October 2020.

Coronavirus, the situation worsens for iPhone 12

Coronavirus, the situation worsens for iPhone 12

The situation on the assembly line worsens due to Coronavirus; iPhone production will not improve until at least the second half of the year.

Everything on standby

The great events that once were an opportunity to meet friends and potential business partners, and to admire the news of every sector of the industry, today constitute a health threat. And so, with a view to limiting human interaction as much as possible – and therefore the spread of the virus – Cook gave the no obstacle to smart working for the vast majority of its corporate employees.

But the real problem for another apple, and concerns the impossibility of respect the product ladder. In theory, in September we should have seen the launch of the iPhone 12 in variants with and without 5G; in fact, the chain delays introduced by the Coronavirus on the assembly line could push the apple to postpone its launch for at least a month. So no Apple event in September as usual, but in October. It is to be hoped that the things do not fall yet.

Yeah, because the launch of the iPhone 9 – which now seemed to be done, despite the difficulties – also risks being "postponed for a few months." Apple fears that, in a similar context, the demand may remain too low. Therefore, the idea of ​​waiting for developments and understanding if production will return to rattling in April and May: at that point, the recovery of the operations would constitute a litmus test of the state of affairs, and it is probable that the restoration of the supply chain would also correspond to a restoration of demand.