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IMac, screen delays

The delays of the iMac are allegedly due to problems in the procurement of liquid crystal displays. This is yet another rumor about the delivery problems that Apple is having on the machines presented at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. To report the usually reliable C / Net that quotes market analysts and observers.

It would be, in particular, a component, motherglass, the sheet that "encapsulates" the liquid crystals, to cause the delays. At this time, those who produce this essential part of the LCD monitors to their maximum output capacity, as Macity had already written just a few days ago.

According to the American company Provino, the demand for motherglass increased by 10% every month and the closure by Techno Glass of a plant in New Hampshire has reduced worldwide capacities by 10%.

The result of this situation that computer and monitor manufacturers today have to place 60-day orders to obtain LCD monitors which actually doubled in popularity in 2001, a situation that is even more serious if it is a 15-inch monitor. , those supplied with the iMac which, moreover, are also of high quality which makes supply even more difficult.

It is clear that in the case of brands that sell machines that have the screen separate from the monitor this relative problem but in the case of the iMac being in difficulty with the supply of the screens means not being able to deliver the machines.

To some "technical" difficulties determined by suppliers, according to some analysts, there would be some wrong calculation by Apple itself which would have underestimated the market demand generated by the incredible resonance that the launch of the machine had.

Right or imprecise that this news is, what is certain that the two major American distributors are in a difficult situation regarding the orders received from retailers. TechData has unsatisfied orders for 10.7 weeks; Ingram Micro for 18.2 weeks. Ingram has 3,300 outstanding orders for the 800 MHz model only and only 43 units in stock and 250 arriving. TechData has only 23 in stock and receives less than 200 a week. The intermediate and low-end model, the 700 MHz model with combined burner, on the other hand, has 6500 orders backlog at Ingram Micro and none have yet been delivered. distributors have not received since launch until today 1326 machines. Most importantly, notes C / Net, that all of this means that small American retailers may be able to fulfill an order placed today at best in two months and half or even in four and a half months.Obviously this is a truly pessimistic estimate, both because Apple will try to remedy it, and because a retailer shrewd on products for which you have the feeling of a large request does not place an order only when you receive it from the end customer. In any case, the delivery times and the situation not that expected by Apple and also that by retailers who confirm the extreme difficulties in obtaining iMacs, difficulties that on the American market are even translating into an increase in the price compared to that recommended by Apple. Several outlets would even increase it by $ 100.

Established that the supply problem exists now analysts and investors are wondering what the consequences could be on the AAPL list. Observers had argued that the sales of the iMac could reach 200,000 units in the quarter, a threshold that cannot be reached and this reduce Cupertino's profits for the current 90 days. According to some observers like Gerard lauer Mattison's David Bailey, the problem will in any case be relative and limited in time. "The iMac – he told C / Net – a long-term project and not important for Apple only for this quarter but over the year". Opinion shared by Charles Wolf of Needham & Co., "The market will not punish them if they finish the fourth and say that they have a backlog of orders for 100,000 units.

Rather, the concern stems from other factors, notably the fact that Apple's delaying iMac deliveries is yielding price competition to the competition. At launch, some analysts point out that the iMac LCDs were fully competitive with similar models in the world. PC. The moment they arrive on the market and will be available in quantities, they could cost from 50 to 300 $ more than the competition, but according to some observers, this too could be a surmountable problem. "There is something to pay more – says Stephen Baker of NPD Intellect – for an all in one computer that has an adjustable arm. For the next few months they will be able to sell how many they produce "