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HP, super-cheap Unix server

HP, super-cheap Unix server – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The most loyal and traditional readers of our site will remember the emphasis we also placed some time ago on the phenomenon of the drop in the list price of PCs below $ 1000. A milestone that appeared, in a time, historic and almost unthinkable. Since then many things have changed, there has been a difficult crisis not yet overcome and even the presentation of Apple machines below that target and, today news, also the presentation of HP machines for Unix which they break the thousand dollar barrier. This type of hardware has long been the most expensive on the market and even today the most powerful servers that use Unix have very high prices, up to a million dollars for the mid-range. But the need to attack the market and conquer unexplored sectors has prompted many manufacturers to release much less expensive systems. This is the case of Sun, which among the first ones has released rack models under a thousand dollars. Now HP also tries to abandon his traditional stronghold of "over 100,000 dollars" machines with the release of the rp2400 series. this case of rack models just ten centimeters thick with a single 650MHz processor model PA-RISC 8700. Very little if we consider that a medium power model also has eight processors and that a model that is barely more usable (an rp2430 with 512GB of memory and a large disk) costs $ 3,500 and an average model of the series no less than $ 13,500, but still a sign of the times. Even for HP, like many other manufacturers, the imperative today is to expand the market and explore the unexplored. Imperative dictated by the balance sheets, increasingly thin even in the server voice.

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