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How to recognize a fake iPhone


How to recognize a fake iPhone

On the used market, but often and willingly also on the new one, very often I run into very low prices for very recent or new smartphones with a price much lower than the street price. Among the best-selling smartphones there are iPhones and the Apple and Samsung Galaxy that are present with an incidence of over 60% of all smartphones sold.

As I said in my previous article, these two types of smartphones are not only the best sellers but also the most counterfeited. If in the following article we had seen How to recognize a Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 3 and other Fakes now I want to write to you how to recognize a fake or counterfeit iPhone.

Unfortunately the newly built clones are very well made and aesthetically the differences are very minimal and difficult to notice even for a well-trained eye let alone for those who are preparing to buy their first iPhone. In the following article vi I will list some important points to check that the iPhone you are about to buy is true.

How to find out if a fake iPhone

  1. Connect the iPhone to the PC and start iTunes. If the original iPhone iTunes recognizes it
  2. On the back of the packaging of each iPhone there is the serial number of the device, which obviously in an invented counterfeit iPhone, therefore not present in the Apple database. As proof, you can call Apple on 199 12080 or go to the following site to check the serial number directly on the Apple site by communicating the serial number. Warranty "src =" "width =" 625 "height =" 330 "/></li><li style=Pay attention to the Icons that are not without rough edges
  3. The pixel effect is not visible on the display because the original display is a retina
  4. The fluidity must be truly fluid without jerks or lag
  5. Check that it is also UMTS and that it does not have Dual-SIM
  6. Check that the battery is not removable and that the back cannot be opened
  7. Check the Apple logo that is perfectly centered on the back
  8. Check that the Home button is fixed, so it should not turn
  9. Much slower scrolling on the display
  10. There is no AppStore, iTunes and not even the Game Center but only icons that imitate the original app
  11. Bring along a printout of some original system icons found on the internet because most of the clones are not identical and have slightly different colors
  12. Take a tour of all the sub-menus and read the writing well, very often the translations are wrong, incomplete or made at random.

Also check the following features:

iPhone 5s

Year of introduction: 2013, Capacity: 16, 32 and 64 GB, Colors: space gray, silver and gold. Model number on the back cover:

  • A1533 or A1457: iPhone 5s (GSM model)
  • A1533 or A1453: iPhone 5s (CDMA model)
  • A1518 or A1528: iPhone 5s (GSM model, China)
  • A1530: iPhone 5s

iPhone 5c

Year of introduction: 2013, Capacity: 16 and 32 GB, Colors: white, blue, pink, green and yellow. Model number on the back cover:

  • A1532 or A1507: iPhone 5s (GSM model)
  • A1532 or A1456: iPhone 5s (CDMA model)
  • A1516 or A1526: iPhone 5c (GSM model, China)
  • A1529: iPhone 5c

iPhone 5

Year of introduction: 2012, Capacity: 16, 32 and 64 GB, Colors: black and white. Model number on the back cover:

  • A1428: iPhone 5 (GSM model)
  • A1429: iPhone 5 (GSM and CDMA models)
  • A1442: iPhone 5 (CDMA model, China)

iPhone 4s

Year of introduction: 2011, Capacity: 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB, Colors: black and white. Model number on the back cover:

  • A1431: iPhone 4s (GSM model, China)
  • A1387: iPhone 4s (CDMA model)
  • A1387: iPhone 4s (GSM model)

iPhone 4

Year of introduction: 2010 (GSM), 2011 (CDMA), Capacity: 8, 16 and 32 GB, Colors: black and white. Model number on the back cover:

  • A1349: iPhone 4 (CDMA model)
  • A1332: iPhone 4 (GSM model)

If you are aware of other procedures to expose fake iPhones, write it in the comments.

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