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How to fix Red Tint Issue in Galaxy S8

Although the Galaxy S8 was an instant hit for Samsung, and a clear indication that the South Korean giant returned spectacularly from the Note 7 debacle last year, there have been some (fortunately) minor issues that S8 users have immediately noticed. One of the most annoying of these was the red colored screen on many Galaxy S8 phones. Samsung has been quick to release a fix for these devices and, with this, users could easily fix the red tint problem on their smartphones. Therefore, here's how to fix the red tint problem in Galaxy S8 :

Note : the update depends on your operator. And if you have not yet received the update from your operator, this method will not work for you. However, we assure you that you will receive the update soon.

Solves the red tone of the Galaxy S8 Screen

1. If you received the update, go to " Settings -> Display -> Screen mode ".

2. Here, scroll down, and you should see an option that says " Full Screen Color Balance ", along with a cursor going from "Cool" to "Warm" . Since the device screen has a red tinge, you have to do it scroll the cursor towards "Fresh" to fix it.

3. If it doesn't bring you to the perfect shade for your smartphone screen, you can touch " Advanced options "to get RGB sliders that you can manipulate to get the perfect shade on your smartphone.

4. Once you are done, you should rest the phone on its face and look at the edges of the screen. If you see abnormal colors over there, scroll down further and you will see " Screen edge color balance ". Tap it and you can use the slider to make the edges fresher or warmer.

Note : the "Screen edge color balance" setting visible only if the "Advanced options" radio button is selected.

That all, you should have solved any problems with the color gradients on the Galaxy S8's Infinity display with these steps. Note that if you use "Advanced options" to optimize the tonality of the display, you must keep it enabled, otherwise the changes will be disabled until "Advanced options" is reactivated.

Solve the red tint problem in Galaxy S8 with this simple method

While the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an excellent device, even small problems like these can be a big problem for users, and reflect little on the quality control that the technology giant is doing. However, Samsung's rapid response is certainly a big sign. With the correction issued by the company, it is very easy to solve the annoying red tint problem that has plagued quite a few S8 users. So, did you tackle the red tint issue on your Galaxy S8 and have you already received the update for the fix? Also, if you know of any other method that could be used to solve this problem with the S8, please let us know in the comments section below.