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Hi Raffaele.

Hi Raffaele. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The last messages we had exchanged on the POC list and directly related, as always, to the desire to know new technological gadgets to do his job in the best way. A documentation job that had taken him around the world to take photos to make those that he called "postcards from hell": Postcards From Hell. You can find these postcards on Raffaele's website (now not working for too many accesses), made with that love for documentation, that rigor that had led him to always be in the places where the wars of recent years were fought also in the name of the most absurd reasons: Afghanistan, Kosovo, Sierra Leone … and lastly Israel. And here in the land disputed between Israelis and Palestinians the last shots of Raffale before one of the 6 shots of a tank took his life.

He leaves his wife and a small child.

There is a deep void in us who had known him even through the web. Come back to visit his site in the next few days. It will be a way to remember him and to bring within you those beautiful and sometimes cruel images that he wanted to fix in the memory of this planet.

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