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Hackers carry mms on old iPhone Edge

Let's be clear: it was we journalists who made this issue of MMS a "self-fulfilling prophecy". Because we have been hammering Apple for two years now saying that one of the major flaws of the original iPhone is the lack of mms. As if someone cared about something, in the twenty-first century, mms, apart from the telephone companies that make more money than robbing banks.

So much for the effort, that in the end we arrived where we had to go: the insertion of the mms function into the iPhone 3.0 firmware, old and new. Now, we in Italy should not legally notice it, for there are also devices capable of using this modern firmware in which mms cannot work. a matter of technical limitation (similar to the one for which Vodafone now tries to make tethering work as an alternative and then in parallel with mms: miracles of technology incomprehensible to the most) but to the thousands, indeed millions of users of the old Apple jewel, does not care .

In fact, according to Apple, the "simply" GSM and Edge device for data will never have the regulatory function for sending MMS messages. Not even with firmware 3.0. Then the hackers, who are good, gathered in conclave and it seems we have worked for a long time to improve the already existing options, until the mms have become a better option than those already thought. For example, O2, the British company (where iPhone 2G was marketed) offered a web-based system for MMS, in practice they were sent from Safari. Now, other systems are being studied perhaps by At & T, as millions of 2G devices operate in the USA, as in France and Germany. But the best solution is always the same: to have a phone with the jailbroken.

In this case, in fact, it is possible to install via Cydia the software that allows you to install applications and therefore the program for mms. To be precise, ActivateMMS2G is called or directly the package "mms2g.deb". Once downloaded and installed properly, here are finally these damned mms can also be sent from the old phone. And there is no need to complain in any way: the system works smoothly even on the old phone, which may have arrived in Italy in reverse. Basically, it skips the system provided by the operators and does it alone, obviously allowing you to use Apple's original messaging application. All right, at least for journalists, who can now finally go to sleep peacefully: even 2G sends mms …