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Google Wifi is coming, the router that eliminates dead zones in the house

Next to Pixel smartphones, Google announces Wifi a $ 129 smart router, which eliminates dead areas in the home, so that it can also be connected from rooms usually not covered by wireless signal.

The new peripheral, in reality, has similar characteristics to the previous OnHub. The new system is based on a dense Wi-Fi network capable of eliminating dead spots through the use of multiple access points located throughout the house. A system, easy to notice, similar to Eero. Connecting these access points together creates a large network capable of providing constant speed when surfing the web, without affecting the area of ​​the house where you are located.

For what it's worth, Google claims that even a single unit will be able to increase the signal compared to a common Wi-Fi router. Moreover, every router manufacturer supports this line: it will be only the first field tests to be able to deny, or confirm, the statements of the Mountain View house.

And then, Wifi seems to be more useful as a router system consisting of multiple access points; so much so, that packs of 3 Wifi routers will be available for purchase, to be located within your home.

At the moment little is known about the marketing of the product, which is unlikely to be available in Italy. In any case, in the earth with stars and stripes it will have a price of 129 euros for a single unit, or 299 euros for the bundle with 3 Wifi. Pre-orders will start in November.