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Google tests the new "Columbus" gestures: the double tap allows many actions

When Google released the first one last month Android 11 Developer Preview, one of the features that jumped most to the attention of industry experts was the presence of one new series of gestures named "Columbus", which allows you to double-tap the back of the device for start Google Assistant, open the camera app and more.

google android 11 gesture columbus

From the beginning it was imagined that the function was intended for Pixel phones instead of all phones with Android 11, although on this aspect it is better to wait for confirmation from BigG. With the release of the second preview for Android 11 developers it turned out that the functionality being tested on Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. In addition, Google has added two new actions to the "Columbus" gesture set, which is to take a screenshot and open the overview of recent apps.

The new "Columbus" gestures don't require any special hardware to work, as they use the sensor data from the accelerometer and the device's gyroscope to determine if the user has twice touched the back of the device.

To reduce energy consumption and / or unwanted triggers, these gestures have "ports" that prevent them from working in certain conditions: for example, they do not work when the screen is turned off, when the lock screen is visible or when the camera app is open.

Google's new "Columbus" gesture should also allow other operations, such as playback and, to be performed pause media content, the "muting" of incoming calls, the postponement of alarms and alarms, the unlocking of notifications and more. With the subsequent Android 11 Developer Preview we will understand the characteristics of the new gestures even better.

Source XDA