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Google Home lands in the UK, will Amazon be watching?

marzo 24, 2020

In Italy it is expected, and who knows how long it will be expected, but Google Home starts to make its way outside the USA, with the launch expected in the UK this spring. Presented last October, Big G's smart speaker launched the gauntlet to AmazonEcho and its virtual assistant Alexa. That the next step is full expansion also across Europe?

It is difficult to speculate if, and when, Home will land in Italy. It is based on Google Assistant, which the Mountain View giant is currently developing only in English and German. To report the same company, during the presentation of LG G6 at MWC17, which then declared that "other languages" will be supported in the future. It is not known which and when.

The arrival of Google Home in the UK, however, marks the first step towards a possible worldwide expansion, made official by a Google executive at Engadget's microphones; will arrive in the spring, although the details are currently non-existent. It is not known, for example, the list price, as well as not known the exact day of the launch.

In America it costs 129 dollars, and almost certainly in England it will have a similar cost. At this point, we await Amazon's move, which is really focusing on smart speakers for a smart home, with the assistant Alexa in the foreground.

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