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From Orinoco RG1100 to AirPort Base Station

From Orinoco RG1100 to AirPort Base Station – logomacitynet1200wide 1

We have known for a long time that essentially the Base Station, the first model of Apple, technically speaking, is nothing more than a WiFi model of Agere re-bodywork with the Apple style and with the addition of an internal modem.

To make an Agere (ex Lucent) Orinoco RG1100 base completely comparable to the Apple Airport Base Station first type there are some software to install. Probably the following method invalidates the warranty of the Agere model, but for those who do not care, here's how: 1) yes download the 2.0.2 update for AirPort (via Software Update or here the 3.2 MB multilingual version for Mac OS X, while for Mac OS 9.x available only for the English operating system, here, from 9.1 MB ); 2) install the software on a Mac equipped with an Apple AirPort Card; 3) connect the Agere Orinoco RG1100 base to the ethernet network or with a crossover cable (in more recent computers a normal ethernet cable is sufficient) to the Mac; 4) reset the Agere Orinoco RG1100 base which means putting the device in software update mode; 5) press "configure" in the AirPort Admin Utility in Mac OS 9.x or Mac OS X to bring the Orinoco base to version 2.0.2; 6) press " continue ”ea the end reboot.Considered that the difference between the old Airport Base Station and the competitor model of about 100% more for that of Apple, on the US market (best Agere price, Apple's official price), could be a solution economically interesting.Remember that the new Airport Base Station 2, in addition to having an internal modem that Agere does not have, has features superior to that of the first model, allowing the connection of 50 users instead of 10 and to connect in cascade a computer or a hub to share the main dsl connection. The particular shape of the Airport Base Station 2 chassis also allows better reception with horizontal antenna models such as Titanium.

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