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From Linux to Mac OS X with joy.

From Linux to Mac OS X with joy. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

John "Dark Paladin" Hummel recounts his experience of switching from Linux to Mac. After 2 and a half years of Linux, he decided to switch to a Unix … Mac OS X! Mindful of his remote (the first) experience with an Apple II , now the intrepid "go back to the sheepfold" passing from DOS (where he learned to use WordPerfect 5.1), from various Windows (Win95 disappointed him a lot, WinNT was better but he could not run his beloved games, Win2K a continuous crash) and from Linux (with stubbornness he managed to discover complex mysteries like Perl). With Linux, he made his bones, he learned the magic of the FTP and SSH servers, Telnet. The system never crashed, not even the time he simultaneously open 500 1MB jpeg files, but he was not happy because he could not do everything he wanted, especially with the various graphics cards.John used Emacs as text editor but the lack of "copy-paste" depressed him , as an alternative he had StarOffice but it didn't work as he wanted At some point OS X arrived (with an exceptional symbiosis: a Unix heart and Apple's graphical interface) and his life changed: in an hour he riped MP3 files from as many as 17 CDs in his possession and then in three minutes he transferred everything to the iPod. His two computers (Pentium III @ 800 MHz with Win and Pentium II @ 450 MHz with Linux) will now make room for the PowerMac G4 @ 933 MHz, continuing to appreciate Terminal and always having the possibility of also mounting a Linux for PPC on it. John continues with a long description of use of the Mac but we just translate a significant sentence: "OS X probably the simplest system I've ever seen".

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