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Freeway 3.5: web publishing possible under X

We had already given news of the SoftPress projects, on the pages of Macity, on the occasion of the last Macworld in San Francisco, but now, the 3.5 version of Freeway, which finally runs in Mac OS X, is actually downloadable. This software is very inspired by the analogues programs for DTP, literally allowing you to "compose" a web page as on a sheet, dragging on it files in GIF, JPEG, Quicktime, MPEG, SWF or Illustrator 10 and Photoshop 6 format, as well as adapting to Carbon specifications , there have been many interventions by the programmers, operating both on the aesthetic elements (icons, thoroughly revised interface) and on the integration with the new technologies made available by the new Operating System.

In fact, the graphic architecture linked to the Apple GX extensions is abandoned, apparently not too effective, even by the parent company itself. The transparency levels are supported, so that you can create your own graphic compositions directly within the software. , without having to resort to additional programs. The management of fonts is also carried out directly within Freeway, thanks to the superior capabilities of Mac OS X, providing accurate control of the lines, to have an optimal result in any situation.

A demonstration version, weighing approximately 10-15 MB (depending on whether you choose to obtain the enclosed documentation) offered on the company's website, upon completion of an information form.