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Foxconn is ready to face the peak production season

Foxconn is now more than prepared to face the high productivity season that precedes the launch of the new generation iPhones by a few months: after the forced (and prolonged) closures due to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Chinese giant , one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, has made it known that he has already employed all temporary workers necessary to cope with the peak production in all its plants – and even ahead of schedule.

Even though the critical period of the pandemic has passed, the company does not intend to let its guard down safety of its workers: says he has performed more than 55,000 tests to check coronavirus positivity, and has subjected over 40,000 employees to chest X-rays.

Foxconn had said in early March that operations were slowly resuming, and that they were around 50% of its production capacity. As we see the recovery process certainly does not happen overnight, but it is clear that the next few months will be very intense: not only must we prepare for the next few months, but we must also recover what has not been produced in the past few weeks.

The whole thing is complicated by difficulty in making reliable forecasts on the supply and demand trend: we have seen that already in February sales plummeted, and it is safe to assume that the same will happen in March. What will happen in the following months will depend on how the pandemic evolves and on the measures that the governments of the affected countries will adopt.