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EveryDayCook the first cookbook with photos taken only with an iPhone 7 Plus

Available on Kindle Store and iTunes Store (as well as in physical version) what can be considered the first cookbook with photographs made exclusively with the aid of the iPhone 7 Plus only. This is the bookEveryDayCook, by Alton Brown, a popular USA television personality for cooking shows and the author of several recipe books.

Brown known for his love for Apple devices and already in the past, for example, had thanked his Mac PowerbookG4 used in some works. In this case the protagonist instead iPhone 7 Plus, not relegated to a role behind the scenes but main actor with his photographs and with his dual camera.

Alton Brown EveryDayCook 2

Most of the photographs taken within the book are taken from above and functional to show the ingredients of the recipes or the dish made.

"Adference from my other books – reads the preface – much attention went to the photos, which were all taken with my iPhone (caught this, Instagram) and worthy of being framed".

Brown is certainly not a novice grappling with images: in the past he was director of photography for several music videos, including The One I Love of R.E.M, therefore already equipped with a wealth of experience not negligible.

Brown's book, EveryDayCook, can be purchased on iTunes for 16.99 euros or on Amazon starting at around 20 euros.

Alton Brown EveryDayCook 1