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Eufy RoboVac 11, the intelligent automatic vacuum cleaner

Clean floor without lifting a finger? It is possible with a robot vacuum cleaner such as Eufy RoboVac 11, the latest addition to the editorial staff that we have had the opportunity to try in the last few weeks by replacing it completely with the manual vacuum cleaner.

It is similar in concept to many other competing solutions that we have had in our hands in the past, but it is particularly appreciated for its effectiveness in cleaning, autonomy and system AI.

Eufy RoboVac 11

The review

What's in the box

Eufy RoboVac 11 is sold together with a large fleet of accessories. The package includes the charging base and the attached power supply, the remote control for remote control, a multipurpose tool for cleaning the dust collection tray and brush maintenance, the two brushes + two spare, a filter and a spare filter cover and the user manual available in several languages, including Italian.

Eufy RoboVac 11

Com done

Aesthetically, it does not differ much from the robot vacuum cleaners currently on the market. Circular in shape, it has a particular glass plate that covers the entire upper surface. In this regard, we do not yet know whether this can be considered an advantage or a defect. Certainly the glass makes it more attractive to the eye, but the past experience with another vacuum cleaner stuck under a radiator (fortunately only coming out with a few superficial scratches) during the daily cleaning of the tanze cannot go into the background. Although in fact the AI ​​of Eufy RoboVac 11 proved to be above expectations by keeping at a safe distance from the offending radiator, nothing takes away from our head what could happen to the slab if the vacuum cleaner were to get stuck in a similar way.

Because of its black coloring it is really very nice to look at. The design with attention to the smallest details, the two side flaps that help the device to avoid and circumvent obstacles are well thought out and hide proximity sensors from view, for a rather minimalist look.

There is no scrubber mode, but the rotating brush does not make you regret

Compared to other similar products, it does not offer the floor cleaning mode, normally composed of a cloth which is added to the base and which is slowly moistened by the water inserted in a special tray. In fact, there is only one dust collection tray, wider than others and accompanied by an additional protection for the filter that minimizes the dispersion of dust when the tray is emptied.

Although this may seem like a defect, actually after trying it thoroughly we can say the opposite. The company has decided to give up a feature that may be convenient for some users, but at the same time has totally concentrated the development of a single function which, in our opinion, is performed flawlessly and better than others.

Eufy RoboVac 11

To its advantage, it has above all a more powerful suction motor as it is equipped with a function that maximizes performance in use with the most demanding carpets. Furthermore, as we said, the larger tray, therefore the risk of saturating the space even before cleaning all the rooms is reduced, a situation that can occur most often in the presence of animals.

Completely new, at least based on our experience in the matter, there is finally a rotating brush that accompanies the suction nozzle. This add-on, cylindrical in shape, characterized by multiple strips of brushes that alternate with as many rubber fins, all to the advantage in cleaning floors, especially porous ones like the one we had to deal with during our tests.

Wear I am not afraid of you

Another feature that we have noticed – and appreciated – concerns the ease with which it is possible to replace the battery and other components in the event of malfunctions or following normal wear over time. The brushes are released in a flash, the rotating brush can be dismantled with the simple opening of a door and the battery closed inside a special housing with a lid blocked by only two cross screws.

How does it work

Talking about operation is almost an affront to the simplicity with which the vacuum cleaner is managed. When the side ON / OFF button is lit, simply press the Auto button on the remote control – or the power button on the upper side – to start the automatic mode which will be chosen in 90% of occasions.

If the vacuum cleaner is hooked to the charging base, backtrack enough to be able to turn around and start cleaning the floor, otherwise it will automatically start forward until the first obstacle.

Eufy RoboVac 11

High level AI

Compared to others, the electronic brain seemed to us much more effective in general. Eufy RoboVac 11 in fact seems to recognize obstacles even better, keeping at a safe distance or slowing down, until it changes direction, in case it finds them in front.

If in the past other products have in some cases hit our feet, albeit gently, while we were sitting on the sofa, with this vacuum cleaner situations like these are only a memory. In fact, it seems to recognize obstacles already about half a meter away, slowing down and then immediately change direction about 1020 centimeters from the latter.

The same goes for inanimate objects, such as legs of tables, chairs, sofas, hatboxes, doors, shoes and anything else he may encounter along his way. The side flaps are in fact activated only when edge recognition is needed, to follow the perimeter of a room or circumnavigate an obstacle: only when it is in really confined spaces could it help by gently touching the edges with the flaps to recognize the limits of the area and act accordingly.

In the first cleanings we chased him all over the house, not only to understand how he behaves but also to avoid the worst in case he got stuck somewhere. Only on one occasion did he manage to lock momentarily between the wall and the leg of the table: on that occasion, after finding that there was no space to pass or turn around the pole, he changed his goal with a short reverse.

Friends rugs

Even with the carpets managed to surprise us favorably. In the past others have sometimes stopped, unable to climb over them (we only have two at home, one of which is just over a half centimeter high), or in some cases, insisting, they curled one corner during the race.

The vacuum cleaner in question has never struggled in the climb and there, after a brief consultation of the instruction manual, it seemed even more obvious since it presents the MAX. mode, activated by remote control, designed specifically to enhance the suction of the carpets.

In this regard, for a correct use of this function, it is advisable to first place the vacuum cleaner in the center of the carpet as, by activating it, it will begin to move in a spiral, from the center to the outside, cleaning the entire surface.

Single room mode

In addition to the Max mode, the one for the cleaning a single room. Other robot vacuum cleaners use an external accessory that must be positioned at the entrance of the room as, by emitting some ultrasounds, it will help the robot in its movements avoiding to cross the threshold.

In this case there are no extra accessories. Probably the sensors, combined with a better AI, are enough to make sure to clean only one room without the vacuum cleaner wandering around the house. In this regard, we did some tests by starting the mode in the kitchen, where there is no door to separate it from the living room.

Well, although we tried to force the exit from the room by piloting it manually, the vacuum cleaner strongly resisted with a head back every time we approached the threshold. Apparently it orientates itself through the sensors that capture the distance from the walls: when two walls are detected very close to the sides, they are probably translated by the system as the door's door, forcing the vacuum cleaner to go back to fulfill its task.

Scrub and edge cleaning

Among others there is the Borders mode which automatically directs the vacuum cleaner towards a wall, making it follow the entire perimeter of the room and, leaving the doors open, of the whole house. The side brushes touch the baseboard and clean the corners with precision, thus finishing the whole perimeter of the house.

With the Stain mode instead, the vacuum cleaner can be used to clean a particular area of ​​the house. For example, at the end of the dinner we could scroll the tablecloth by setting aside the crumbs in a corner, and then use this particular function to collect them in a few seconds. Like the Max mode for carpets, the vacuum cleaner will move in a spiral by cleaning the entire area in question.

Scheduled cleaning

The advantage in the display on the remote control emerges when there is a need to use the mode scheduled cleaning. With Eufy RoboVac 11, in fact, it is possible to program the start of automatic cleaning at a particular moment of the day, without necessarily activating it manually.

This feature is useful on two occasions. One, more common, when you simply decide to clean the floor every day (for example) at 10:00 in the morning. Once the cleaning has been scheduled, you no longer have to think about anything. The vacuum cleaner, every day and at the same time, will release from the charging base, clean the house (with the foresight to leave the doors open) and return to the base with the battery almost empty.

Programming could also be used to clean the floor twice during the day. For example, we could schedule the cleaning around 4:00 pm but at the same time start the cleaning at 8:00 am, just before leaving the house. In this way, the vacuum cleaner will have enough time for the first cleaning cycle and to recharge before leaving for the second programmed cycle.

How are you? The video answers

Overall we were satisfied with this vacuum cleaner. It does one thing but it does it well and in some cases better than others. In this regard, we attach a demonstration video, where it is also possible to appreciate the step recognition system, useful to prevent the vacuum cleaner from falling ruinously along a staircase when used in multi-storey houses (not having available, we did a test by starting automatic cleaning from the table top).

Autonomy and battery

Really good autonomy. With the battery fully charged, the vacuum cleaner ensures about 2 hours and 20 minutes of cleaning, while charging the battery (from 0% to 100%) takes around 4 hours. In this case, the possibility of knowing the percentage of battery charge is missing, at least during the charging period. If in others it is possible to know the battery charge in steps of 25% by eye, here you only have to adjust it by flashing the built-in LED on the upper button. If it flashes blue, the battery is charging, when the light is on, the battery is charged. Likewise, when it flashes red, the battery is almost empty.

Eufy RoboVac 11


If the goal is to throw away the old vacuum cleaner in order to definitively remove a task in cleaning the difficult floor, do not recommend Eufy RoboVac 11. As we said initially, power and brush system win the comparison with others for precision and final result.

It is slightly higher than others so it will not slip under furniture and radiators that are too low and perhaps slightly noisier, to the advantage in this sense of a more powerful and effective aspiration.


  • Powerful and precise cleaning
  • High autonomy
  • Easy replacement of worn components
  • Carpet mode
  • Most common spare parts included in the package
  • AI superior


  • More delicate due to the upper glass surface
  • There is no system to know the state of charge of the battery
  • There is no scrubber mode

Retail price

Eufy RoboVac 11 on sale on Amazon for 199.99 euros.