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Download Stackables for iPad, an inexpensive alternative to Photoshop for editing photos


Download Stackables IPA for iPad, a complete and powerful alternative to Photoshop to customize, edit and add effects to photos.

Thanks to the many programs available now anyone can take beautiful photos and edit or customize them with extreme ease and immediacy. Certainly since Photoshop landed on smartphones and tablets many users have started using this program to edit their photos, but this does not mean that equally complete and perhaps even simpler to use software are available, such as Stackables. Let's see what this excellent program to edit and personalize photos on iPad and iPhone offers and how it works.

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Stackables a new app for iPad (and also for iPhone) that allows you to add effects by using layers and blending modes; it was developed in close collaboration with the photographer and artist Dirk Wuestenhagen and really well done. I have been using this program on my iPad Mini for some time now and I am really satisfied: it offers many filters and effects to get spectacular photos and images.

Lapp contains more than 150 effectsexclusive made by Dirk, including refined grunge textures, light infiltrations and bokeh textures, pictorial textures, textures of weather conditions and clouds, textures with grain and veins, characteristic vintage filters, shades, elaborate geometric patterns and many more, all stackable, all adjustable, all cancelable.

In addition, Stackables equipped with over20 professional adjustment tools, including in particular:

And for the first time on a tablet device, these tools are added as layers with opacity and blending mode control just like Photoshop's adjustment layers, giving you complete control over the color and tonal values โ€‹โ€‹of your composition. In short, Stackables is a really interesting program and definitely worth trying, not only for photography enthusiasts but for all users who want to personalize their images and photographs.

screen480x480-1 "src =" "width =" 480 "height =" 360 "/></p><p style=With this app you can instantly transform your photos into works of art with 29 preset formulas. Explore dozens of user-created formulas carefully selected from hundreds of proposals. Or save your changes as formulas so you never miss out on custom changes. And with the proprietary social modification platform, you can now share your formulas with your friends via email or transfer them between different devices.

Main features:

Stackables really well made and available at the price of 0.89. A program that I would recommend to you: you will surely be impressed in an extremely positive way.

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