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Disable iTunes sync and launch via software

If you were intrigued by our article last night with which we presented Sync Block, a cable that allows you to recharge an Apple device without synchronizing it and you have some time and familiarity with the operating system, you can get the same result without spending anything .

The first action to take is to disable automatic syncing on iTunes, located in "Preferences -> Devices". Just select the relevant box.

The second operation deactivate the iTunesHelper from the log-in elements. Simply enter "System Preferences -> Accounts -> System Items", select the iTunesHelper and delete it from the list. The iTunesHelper is disabled so that once an iPod or iPhone is connected, iTunes will not launch automatically.

After these two operations, you can connect your device to the computer without iTunes being launched and synchronization not starting automatically. The same result obtained with USBfever's Sync Block.

The advantage of the USBfever gadget? in case you want to reactivate everything following our advice, the most complicated process, while with the Sync Block just press a small button. Although less convenient, however, the free software solution.

We thank Luca from Rome for the report.