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Digital Video Discovery Sessions: Education and Video go hand in hand

The activity of the Education sector of Apple Italy exponentially grows, after participating in the TED we talked about in recent days, one of the many new initiatives aims to show schools of all levels and ease of use of the Apple systems and how digital video can change both the way we teach and that we learn.

"Think about what you and your pupils could do with Digital Video: storytelling, demonstrate scientific experiments, stage plays or role-playing games, develop visual skills, record lessons for others who will be able to see them later, create tasks in the classroom, gather evidence, celebrate students' results, analyze musical performances … and the list goes on! Every day teachers discover new ways to use Digital Video. Kids can also learn by watching videos on their own and then evaluating their work: sharing the final result with parents, other schools and even other countries becomes easy. "

The meetings are held: in Milan on March 13 from 17 to 19 at the Didactic Directorate via Bergognone 2/4

in the province of Udine on March 22 from 4 to 7 pm Manzano Didactic Directorate via Libert 25 33044 Manzano (UD)

in the province of Anconail 22 April and 8 May from 16 to 19Teacher Devolopment Center, ForTe 2002, Conti School via Cialdini 35 Jesi (AN)

To register and get more information, visit this page on the Apple Italy site