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Coronavirus, Samsung and LG have suspended smartphone production in India

Samsung and LG have suspended smartphone production in facilities in India following containment measures to counter the coronavirus emergency (SARS-CoV-2).

Samsung decided to close the smartphone assembly facility located in Noida, capital of the Gautam Buddha Nagar district, in the federated state of Uttar Pradesh, from 23 to 25 March.

"Following the Indian government's policies, we temporarily suspend our factory operations in Noida until day 25," a Samsung spokesman said to ZDNet. "We will work hard to ensure there are no setbacks in the supply of products."

The Indian facility in question is the largest exploited by the South Korean company: 120 million units are produced here every year. Earlier this month, Samsung also stopped production in Gumi, South Korea, after cases of employees who contracted COVID-19 were identified. The company had decided to temporarily move production to Vietnam.

Last week, during the annual meeting with shareholders, co-CEO HS Kim highlighted a slowdown in contagions in South Korea explaining that the economic impact of coronavirus in the rest of the world only at the beginning.

"We have yet to fully determine the impact that COVID-19 will have on distribution and consumers," Kim said, explaining that research will be conducted to prepare for risk-impact.

Coronavirus, Samsung and LG have suspended smartphone production in India

LG, following orders from the Indian government – has decided to close until the end of the month – both the Noida plant and a different facility in Pune, in the federated state of Maharashtra. At home, the South Korean company has also closed a research center and suspended production in its factories because of some employees who contracted the virus. At the time of writing in South Korea there are 8961 infected and 111 deaths; among the measures adopted: traceability and carpet checks, without forgetting the reform of the health system which has made it possible to adopt leaner and faster protocols to provide answers to emergencies of this type.

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