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Coronavirus, Apple donates funds to Civil Protection and masks

By Giacomo Martiradonna Monday 23 March 2020

In this climate of uncertainty and difficulty, Tim Cook gives a concrete hand to our country with a "significant" donation to the Italian Civil Protection.

March 23, 2020 update Update: In addition to hard cash funds, Apple has decided to donate millions of N95 masks to healthcare professionals in the United States and Europe. It is a fundamental medical-surgical device for doctors and nurses, and for anyone who is in close contact with the sick. Such a precious asset when it cannot be found. "Our teams at Apple work to help medical service providers cope with COVID-19," Tim Cook explained in a tweet. "We are donating millions of masks to professionals in the USA and Europe. To all the heroes on the front lines: thank you."

Civil Protection Donation

With an announcement made on Twitter in the past few hours, Tim Cook announced the allocation of aimportant donation to the Italian Civil Protection which includes funds and supplies to help volunteers and medical personnel to combat the spread of Coronavirus in our country.

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At a time when masks and swabs are not even enough for doctors and nurses, and collapsed hospitals, all help really welcome. For over 35 years "explain from Cupertino," Italy has represented a home for Apple. We care about our customers, colleagues and Italian partners; we have built solid ties, which become even stronger when we are united by the common goal of protecting the health of our communities. With this spirit of unity, Apple will make a significant donation to Civil Protection to ensure that first-line rescuers, volunteers and healthcare professionals have the resources to protect their health, while contributing to Italy's response to Covid-19. We are grateful to them for the altruism and courage they show every day. "

On Twitter, Tim Cook himself wrote:

"It has never been so important to help each other. We will make a significant donation that includes medical supplies to the Civil Protection in Italy to help heroic rescuers, medical personnel and volunteers who work tirelessly to protect and save lives. [In english] Close to the "

In the meantime, all the Apple Stores in the world – excluding the Chinese ones – remain closed until a later date. "The entire Apple family feels obliged to" whoever spends the front line to defeat the epidemic; and that's why, so far and globally, Cupertino has allocated a whopping 15 million dollars.