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"Chemical" magic between Apple and Microsoft.

"Chemical" magic between Apple and Microsoft. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The meeting between two worlds was defined by the Canadian Mactopia site "Chemistry Project": Mac OS X and Microsoft Office v.X. "The paths pursued by Apple and Microsoft are different, the first supports creatives and educators with the original thinking different, the other speaks the language of business and enterprise. Which one is the best? It could be discussed at length, but let's focus on the result that is obtained if the best of both is added, that is, here is the union of which we speak and which is symbolized with the enigmatic chemical formula Ov.X + OS X = U10 , where U reads YOU, or: TU raised to the tenth power"This is the introduction of a site that has taken as a symbol, for starters, the experience of two protagonists, to which others will be added soon. The two initial profiles are dedicated to Steve Podborski (Canadian ski legend over the years eighty, the only non-European to have won the world championship and now he works as manager of the Vancouver promoting committee for the next 2010 winter Olympics, the following ones in Turin 2006, naturally with a Mac and Office vX) and Scott Goodfellow ( musical prodigy since his 17 years, one of the precursors of the use of midi on Mac, now manages the consulting firm GoodMedia Online).

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