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Braava Jet Review, the floor washing that is also controlled via iPhone

Braava Jet, the small smart scrubber of iRobot, an interesting device because, beyond its performance, it takes away from the unfortunate person on duty the task of washing floors, an operation that is not appreciated even by those who frequently perform it.

For now let's not mount our heads, something still needs to be done, Braava Jet is not the solution to all cleaning and the way to absolute laziness, rather a little help to the housewife on duty who thanks to this can delegate at least one of the daily operations and do more in the meantime.

But let's go in order and see how the little girl tested the floors (via iPhone).

Braava Jet

Braava Jet, the little one at home

Outside the Braava Jet box, a small white parallelepiped with blue borders whose dimensions are smaller than a shoe box. S is basically a device divided into three parts: the central heart, composed of the motor and all the mechanical part and of the movement sensors, which are many, the brushes, divided into three types based on the ability to manage water and the rear battery This, gray in color, is easily extracted and fully charged when empty in about two hours via an external charger.

The preparation of the Braava Jet ends with the choice of the cloth: these, consumables, are of three types divided according to the quantity of water that is released during the movement.

The operation is given by the central button located in the upper part, which activates the Braava Jet which, automatically recognized the type of cloth, activates its water-based floor cleaning function. The slightly reduced operating surface, in our tests the operation covered a room of 4 by 4 meters, without going further.

The operation

The fairly simple operation, once the appliance is turned on, you can freely let go inside a room and go to work quietly or watch a movie in the other room, while Braava Jet starts its reasoned movement made of semicircular movements.

The front proximity sensor allows you to recognize obstacles and get around them, sometimes there was a small collision with a chair or a table leg, but the child recovered immediately, continuing his work by correcting the trajectory a little.

Together with the bare and raw operation, here at Macitynet we appreciated the possibility of being controlled via smartphone with the special App for iOS and Android (which was also the reason for this review). The control by the App allows the Braava Jet to be started and some functions to be programmed, such as spot cleaning, a function that allows the small scrubber to concentrate on a smaller area but with a more careful washing.

Unfortunately we must underline that, although complete and captivating, the smart function of the Braava does not bring substantial improvements (if not in detail) to operation: this is both good and bad news, because on the one hand it rewards the design of the little one made to simplify as much as possible the experience of use, on the other hand, for an App which, although well done, complete and modern, appears excessive in presence for a task that is anything but complex to deserve smart support.


Although we do not have a great deal of experience in the floor cleaning sector, we appreciated the engineering of the Braava Jet solution in knowing how to manage alone inside a room, among chairs, tables, toys and passing cats. The battery life is sufficient for a room, and you can safely go to the office in the morning (after having passed the vacuum cleaner) by activating the baby, who will work tirelessly until the end of the charge.

The control via smartphone (only via Bluetooth, but we would have liked to have control via IP, to turn it on even from outside the home) convenient but as we said not essential: but since c why not take advantage of it?

Braava Jet can be purchased directly from the parent company website but, discounted, also present on the website, as well as replacement cloths.


  • AI interesting for movements
  • Different types of cleaning
  • The smart part, grandmother-proof


  • The smart part is not very useful
  • Sometimes a little noisy

Price: 249.00 Euros