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Best Repo Cydia updated in April 2014


Here is the list of the best Cydia repo to add to your iPhone, iPod and iPad with Jailbreak to download many tweaks for free

Today we offer you the list of the best and most interesting repos of Cydia from which you can download many tweaks to personalize your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Clearly in order to take advantage of these tweaks and Cydia, your iPhone, iPod and iPad must necessarily be jailbroken.

If you don't have the jailbreak or don't know how to do it, I recommend you read these our articles:

The Cydia Repository List updated to April 2014 obviously subject to sudden changes: each repo was tested at the time of writing the article, but obviously there can be repos that are deactivated or that at certain times are offline and unreachable. If there are repo that are no longer active, or new repo not cataloged, do not hesitate to comment to inform us of any problems.

Having said that, here is the list with the best Cydia repo.

Cydia 2014 Repository List (UPDATED APRIL 2014)

We remind you thatto add a repositoryto Cydia on iPhone, iPod and iPad you will need:

  • Open Cydia
  • ClickupManage
  • then onEdit
  • and finally onAggingi.

Now you canadd one or more repoof the followingCydia Repository List April 2014:

Cydia 2014 Repository List (UPDATED MARCH 2014)

  • BigBoss – Already present in Cydia normally
  • SinfuliPhoneRepo – A huge repo full of tweaks to download for free. There are also many cracked tweaks that you would normally need to pay for.
  • Hackulo –Http: // – Similar to the one above, it offers an avalanche of tweaks to download for free, including those that would normally be paid.
  • PwnCenter – It is the place dedicated to those who love to personalize their iPhone, iPod and iPad to the maximum.
  • ModMyI–Http: // – Here too you will find many customizations for your devices. These are tweaks to buy in most, but you will also find something free and very interesting.
  • Insanelyi–Http: // – Here too you will find many cracked applications to download for free.
  • HackYouriPhone – – A must to have many tweaks to download for free. She is Italian.
  • iHackStore–Http: // – You will find many themes and ringtones to personalize your Apple device.
  • xSellize–Http: // – Dedicated especially to fans of emulators, who will find many tweaks and games for their emulators here such as ROM for NES, Game Boy and Nintendo 64.
  • Bya (BiteYourApple)–Http: // –A must-have to have tons of tweaks to download for free. It is Italian and you will find many exclusive tweaks like the one to watch Sky Go even if you have a jailbreak device.

Finally, I suggest you try this too: http: // I do not use it personally, but reading around I found that there are many tweaks that are a sort of mix between the various repo that I mentioned above.

And you, what repos of Cydia do you usually use? If you know others, all you have to do is leave a comment and we will update the list with your valuable advice!

Top Best Cydia Sources / Repos March 2014

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