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Apple: will the new MacBook Air arrive tomorrow?


Apple: the new MacBook Air could arrive tomorrow

MacBook Air 2014, confirmed tomorrow's launch and minor news

MacBook Air 2013

Are you thinking of buying theMacBook Airas a light, powerful and compact laptop? Maybe it's worth thinking about waiting a few days.

According to an American website, the launch for the new MacBook Air 2014 is confirmed for tomorrow. Few news, as shown by the warehouse numbers which are only a variant of the current ones.

According to some cross sources, in fact, an update for these computers may arrive very soon. To be exact, the corridor rumors want renewal tomorrow: for some time there has been talk of a possible renewal of the Apple MacBook Air range, but a few hours ago some information leaked on the net stating that tomorrow could Apple present to surprise its new ultra-portable, powerful and light computers.

Obviously theserumorsmust be taken with pliers and above all we must remember that those who hope for the arrival of the Retina screen may be disappointed. According to the rumors it is simply a hardware update, nothing transcendental: more powerful processors, faster RAM, improved graphics card and little else. But it's always about rumors and unofficial rumors.

The new machines, codenamed J41A and J43A, respectively for the 11 and 13-inch model, they do not even have a new SKU (the stock number), but only a variation of the old one. This makes one suspect that Apple may even just vary the specs without making any official announcements, as happened on previous occasions when the upgrades were minor. Recall that according to many sources, the only novelty of the substance will be in the processor, a variant of the current Haswell. In it we will not find no architectural progress, only an increase in clock speed.

It's also true that for some months there have been rumors of the arrival of a new MacBook Air model with Retina screen, ARM processor and fanless, but apparently still needs time for that and maybe it will be presented in a few months.

Either way, tomorrow we'll find out if it's all true. We will keep you posted.

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