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Apple TV, 128GB cut coming and new Mode …

By Giacomo Martiradonna Tuesday 24 March 2020

Memory is growing at Apple TV. And with the new 128GB cut a special Kids Mode will also be introduced

In the next version of tvOS, one will be implemented unpublished Kids mode, and new parental controls; Furthermore, it seems that for the occasion a new version of Apple TV will be launched with a greater amount of onboard memory: there is talk of a 128GB cut.

Apple TV, remove the trailers from the Home screen

Apple TV, remove the trailers from the Home screen

By default, Apple TV automatically starts trailers on the Home screen. We explain how to disable them.

The Kids Mode will allow Apple TV to download content exclusively aimed at an audience of children, with parental control options that allow you to limit which and how many contents to display. In other words, parents will be able to block TV shows, films and apps that they don't consider appropriate, besides set usage limits Custom.

All thanks to the implementation of the Usage Time feature also on tvOS, which will help to understand how much television we watch, and what type of entertainment we like; and it will work even with games and apps.

The news will be launched later in the year, together with a new pair of Apple TV based on processor A11 or A12 and characterized by cuts of 64 / 128GB of memory, against the current 32 / 64GB binomial. The presentation is expected to take place around November or December of this year, which however seems curious since Apple never organizes special events close to the holidays. But go to know: with the mess created by the Coronavirus, now, there are no more certainties.

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