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Apple recognizes an iOS 13 bug that makes the hotspot unreliable

Apple knows that a good number of users are experiencing problems in the use ofPersonal hotspot up iOS 13 or iPadOS 13. The Cupertino company, in fact, in a internal document distributed to authorized service providers, and intercepted by colleagues from MacRumors, acknowledged the existence of the problem, pointing out the possibility that customers can make complaints for this reason.

But What is it about? In general, of a certain untrustworthiness of the Personal Hotspot function, between difficulties in connecting, disconnections and fluctuating performances.

At the moment Apple's directives plan to simply suggest deactivate and then reactivate the hotspot, which constitutes one only temporary solution of the problem, which can clearly recur: in short, the classic "turn it off and on again", and cross your fingers.

And while for some time now we are already projected with the thought on iOS 14, just for today the release of iOS 13.4 is iPadOS 13.4: however, in the GM version distributed a few days ago no mention is made to any bug fix related to hotspot. In a few hours then we will find out if there is still to wait, or if in Cupertino they have taken action to solve the problem that in the era of smartworking (by the way, you have seen the our special with the advice to face it better?) it could be even more annoying as well as easy to find.