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Apple Park empties: employees invited to work from home | Pictures from the drone

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused the emptying of our cities. It tries in every way reduce the number of infections and one of the most used methods is certainly that of push the population to stay at home and limit travel to those strictly necessary.

In Italy we know it really well now: Italian companies have started to incentivize (and reward) smart working and more and more people (finally) have decided to comply with the provisions of recent governmental decrees. However, it is not only the Italians who are invited to stay at home: the effects of the coronavirus they also started to show up in the United States, and also in this case the big names in the sector have invited their employees to use alternative working methods – with a consequent desertification of the workplaces.

A concrete example in this sense comes fromApple Park, the new headquarters of the Cupertino company and one of the most precious buildings in the world ($ 4 billion its estimated value), which has just begun to deal with this phenomenon within a few hours.

The streets, once full of cars, are now streets huge expanses of empty asphalt; parking lots also remain empty, as well as the numerous and large outdoor common areas present practically in the entire structure and only a few days ago full of employees. The result is a silent place – almost ghostly, as it had never been since the day of its opening almost two years ago.

The unusual images of Apple Park are provided to us by Duncan Sinfield, who once again used their drone to film everything. Follow the full video.