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Apple on Oscar night

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Apple will be among the commercial realities that have purchased a spot on Oscar night. This is learned by reading an article in USA Today that lists the Cupertino company with MasterCard, Mars, UPS and Cingular.The presence of Apple in advertisements for American television for the Academy Awards ceremony is significant because the Oscars are the second most viewed TV show of America after the Super Bowl. For this reason, those interested in a television passage willing to spend a lot to get their advertising during the event. It should also be said that over the past few months, as USA Today notes, some factors have facilitated the entry of new protagonists compared to past editions. In particular, the weakening of the economy has caused prices to drop, which however remain respectable: $ 1.2 million for 30 seconds, also leading to the dissolution of expensive exclusive contracts, such as the one with Revlon and American Express. The potential market of the sponsors therefore opened up more, freeing up space for the debut of new companies such as, for example, Apple itself. The appearance of Cupertino among the sponsors, in particular, could also be related to the main target towards which ABC, which produces the event is addressed: the female audience. In the American media, the award ceremony is considered a sort of women's SuperBowl for the public profile, meaning that the interest in men for the final of football is as high as the interest of women for the Oscars. clarifies which is the Apple commercial that will be aired, but it is very likely that it is one of those that present the new iMacs.We remind that the Italian public who will assist the event on TelePi will not see the commercial as the evening arrives on our screens' purged from advertising.

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