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Apple iPhone 6: New real photos of the next iPhone


Apple iPhone 6: New real photos of the next iPhone

As if the numerous leaks on the next iPhone weren't enough, today we have a nice roundup of images that would portray theiPhone 6. These images also confirm the design shamelessly taken from the iPad Air with rounded edges and the lower grille for the audio speakers.

The model is only a plastic box that shows the shapes that theiPhone 6 since the engineers are still working on the internal hardware. Also from the image below you can see the significantly larger display than the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 6_1

From this closer image it is also possible to notice the presence of the touchID still placed together with the central home button.

iPhone 6_2

Instead from the following images we can see the rear camera and the small flash and also we can also see the buttons that will act as a volume rocker and the power button which will no longer be circular but will be stretched as we have already seen on the iPad Air.

iPhone 6_3

iPhone 6_4

Finally we can see how the form factor is really extremely thin, there are those who hypothesize a thickness of less than 6 mm, but which would undermine the strength of the smartphone also given the increase in size in width and length given the larger display that will be mounted .

iPhone 6_5

I remind you that the iPhone 6 will most likely be presented between September and October 2014.


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