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Alias ​​| Wavefront, no crisis

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No crisis, no risk of closures, no irresoluble problems. The president of Alias ​​| Wavefront rejects the allegations and rumors that followed the spread of the news that the closure of some offices and the departure of the co-founder Marc Sylvester mean trouble on the horizon for the Canadian company. "We have simply finalized a trial started some time ago – the Alias ​​| Wavefront president Doug Walker said in an interview with Maccentral – and the closings do not mean that we are in trouble. "The proof would be that the staff who worked in California and Seattle were detained and invited to join the one that operates in Toronto, the company's headquarters. According to Walker, the implementation of a product like Maya requires many economic efforts and the rationalization of investments destined to keep the quality of work high and to recover more resources.

Finally, Sylvester's departure took place in a spirit of friendship. Walker did not miss the opportunity to reiterate the good relationships that have been established with Apple and that the open channel has an absolute priority for Alias ​​| Wavefront today.

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