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Alexa Voice Service arrives in Europe: Amazon Echo also arriving in Italy?

For the first time the Alexa Voice Service instruments (signed AVS) of the voice assistant Amazom cross and exit the US territory, starting the international expansion, with the launch, starting today, in the United Kingdom and Germany. The hope that sooner or later, it will also arrive in Italy.

The editorial team of TechCrunch reports it, but the news officially coming from Amazon, which through the summary banner that we show at the bottom announces the availability of its various voice services at a geographical level. Initially launched in 2015, confined to the US territory only, the voice assistant is experiencing its golden age, thanks to the release of the Amazon smart speakers, such as Echo and Echo Dot, which in addition to playing music, also allow you to control a wide range of connected devices, such as thermostats, lamps, fans, wall switches and more, such as reading ebooks, playing streaming music, weather news, traffic and much echo icon 1000

Today's launch of Alexa Voice Service is also significant in Germany and the United Kingdom: the first time, in fact, that the virtual assistant, one of Amazon's most important services, borders on the earth with stars and stripes, arriving also in Europe. The intention of the e-commerce giant is to ship at least 10 million units by 2017, with a rather imminent acceleration. An ambitious plan that means one thing: the e-commerce giant has already planned the marketing of its smart speakers in other countries, among which Italy may soon also be there.

Currently, the simple Amazon certification process has led to more than 250 certified products for the smart home, therefore able to interface with Alexa. In short, the voice assistant is particularly accessible to third-party manufacturers, especially if you look at the competition. In comparison, Apple has certified only about 100 devices, capable of supporting the HomeKit platform, but security and interoperability are superior and require manufacturers to use the chips and hardware indicated by Cupertino, with a complex certification that can take several months.

Obviously, there are still no plans for the launch of Alexa in Italy, or in other European countries, but the first step has been taken. It is hoped that in the near future Amazon will be able to open this service to our country. Recently, the giant has opened Prime Video also within our borders, even if the catalog still does not seem to worry rivals such as Netflix and Infinity.

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